Cuteness alert! This is The Markel Group’s version of the viral cat video, but in words. We LOVE the connection we’ve made with all members of the families we have been honored to serve. Enjoy the warm-and-fuzzies!… I know we do. 😉

My Youngest Client

One of my most heartwarming memories as an Agent is of my youngest client. In the weeks leading to Listing a home, I consult with my clients on what needs to be done to show their home at its best for the ‘Big Reveal’. In other words, I assign ‘homework’. After one of these homework sessions, a dear client shared this adorable story about her youngest. During a Staging meeting, to the little ones I stressed the importance of putting all their toys away to help Mommy and Daddy with this exciting project. Apparently, their 4 year old took this advice very seriously. XO Taking my (Cheryl’s) business card everywhere she went, her mum heard her talking to it as if on a cell phone. And while cleaning the house diligently as only a 4 year old can, she was telling me of her great efforts along the way. What a precious little Angel! I was so happy to know I made a new pal that day… XO

Staging Pro in the Making

No surprise, the pandemic has made in-person presentations a challenge, not to mention ‘hands-on’ meetups for STAGING. Luckily and so gratefully, when a client trusts me magic has the opportunity to happen. As is the case with my clients and their two girls who patiently waited out the COVID ‘Stay at Home’ order before bringing their home to market. We had no idea how long we would have to wait, but as time ticked by and most of the packing and decluttering had been completed, we jointly decided it was time to Stage their home (with their furniture) so we would be ready when we had the green light to see homes in-person again. But, none of us felt comfortable doing this in-person. So, holding a FaceTime call was the next best thing.

The way it worked, one of their daughters held the phone as the other daughter and Mom moved furniture, put away knick-knacks, and took notes on my suggestions. After 2 hours of great progress and more homework assigned, we finished that day with a smile and the next meeting on the calendar. Little did I know the impression I made on their daughters. They had seen their home transform just through furniture placement and moving artwork on the walls. So, when the mom started sending messages from one of the daughters showing me a Staging app she found, and her new creations from this, I was quite touched. Apparently, she was SO excited to share these with me and know my opinions. (Even more impressive in my mind since she was a teenager, and she actually cared what I thought. 😉 I wonder if she knows what a gift she gave me to learn my efforts provided a little inspiration. I hope so!… XO