Honored to serve the Colorado Front Range real estate market, The Markel Group understands the importance of collaboration to achieve success. Let’s meet the team.

Cheryl Markel

Employing Broker/Principal/Realtor®

An ex-banker with a bent for design and a love of numbers, Cheryl enjoys employing her experience, intuition, and a strategic approach to help you achieve your real estate goals.

A Colorado native born in Denver and raised in Longmont, Cheryl has lived in the same 15-mile radius all her life. Although she has lived most of her life in Boulder, she has moved over 65 times in her short 50+ years, most of these after the age of 19. Her clients are often amazed that she can speak fondly about nearly every neighborhood in Boulder through her personal experience having lived there herself.  Needless to say, she understands what is required for a successful move.

While attaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Cheryl also began her 11 year banking career as a Teller and worked her way up to Relationship Manager. Here, she found great enjoyment in her role as a sales person while offering financial guidance and helping others realize their financial goals.

Blessed with boundless energy and a beautiful family, Cheryl naturally sees the sunshine and opportunity in almost every situation. Having been a design professional creating websites and print layout, she derives great joy from creative inspiration. From helping you choose the best paint color for the living room to staging your home over Zoom, Cheryl will happily share her skills to prepare your home to be as visually inviting as possible. This also applies to having vision for a home’s possibilities when buying that ‘diamond in the rough’.

Cheryl is the Principal of The Markel Group, LLC as the Employing Broker and Realtor®. She is looking to grow her team to 5 Agents by 2022. If you are a self starter who values honesty and providing white-glove service to your clients, please contact Cheryl directly. (720) 323-5444 . 

Thank you!

Robert Markel


photo rob markel Robert Markel

The team’s “Deep Thinker”, Robert employs his skills, creativity, and insight to ensure all is operating smoothly behind the scenes. 

Robert is passionate about his family, his art, and the health of himself and this beautiful Earth. A prolific author and illustrator of notables ranging from scientific papers to heartwarming children’s novels, Robert makes all he does look easy.

Robert is the second Principal of The Markel Group, LLC and is in charge of Operations. 

We are all grateful for your trust, and look forward to WOW-ing you with our dedication and attentive service.