Coming Soon! The Spring Selling Season!

Holiday decorations have barely been taken down and our New Year’s resolutions are still top of mind … sort of. But, believe it or not, the Spring Selling Season is already gearing up behind the scenes.

Are you ready for your big move? If not, let’s get you there!

What to Keep In Mind as You Prepare

In the hopes of putting your mind at ease, please know the real estate market has shifted slightly towards a more “balanced” market. But, by no means is it crashingMarket analysts are not predicting it to crash either. So, as we enter the Spring Selling Season in beautiful Boulder County, please know we are still experiencing an inventory shortage —just not as drastic as we were a year ago— and buyer demand is still high, although —thankfully— the frenetic pace has slowed.

Selling in Boulder County

Overall, market analysts are expecting home price appreciation to moderate due to the increase in mortgage rates. However, Boulder County is highly sought-after and many homes are purchased with all-cash, especially in the luxury market. As expected, the Spring list prices will stay in pace with this local demand.

Sellers, please note: Pricing and presentation are still (and always will be) supremely important. So, price your home properly and showcase your home at its absolute best so as to be primed for success.

Buying in Boulder County

Buyers rejoice! Boulder County has seen a slight inventory increase. As a result, there may be a little less competition from other Buyers. Presently, homes are staying on the market a little longer, bidding wars are less common, and some sellers are considering inspection repairs/credits. As well, I’ve seen impressive “incentives to buy” from new- home builders and mortgage lenders.

Do not be complacent, however! We are still well below what is considered a “normal” inventory level in Boulder County. And fellow Buyers who are serious are still out hunting for the same unicorn that you are. 😉

Prepare for Greatness

Sellers… Let’s discuss the necessary “home-work”.

Every home can benefit from a little sprucing prior to Listing. Some homes just need a spring-cleaning or a coat of fresh paint, and others benefit from design updates and repairs in preparing to sell. When The Markel Group lists your home, you will receive guidance that fits your goals and budget, even for staging! Once your home is unveiled, it will shine with the “Markel Sparkle!”

But don’t wait too long… the early-bird Listing gets all the Offers! 😉

Buyers… Prepare your “financial house” and let’s start shopping!

Buyers, please do not find yourself standing in front of your dream home without having taken the time to review your finances in preparation. This means knowing the financial commitment you are willing and able to make, either with the help of a lender or your financial planner.

When you finally set out shopping, have your lender’s pre-approval letter and your financial statements at the ready! This will allow you to act quickly when you find the ‘perfect’ home… and believe me, you WILL find the perfect home because all those Sellers putting the “Markel Sparkle” on their homes are doing it for YOU!!

Please contact me with your real estate questions today. I’m excited to help!

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